A Mission for Our Community

August 2022

You may have seen our billboards, images on the local buses, or ads in newspapers with a common phrase:  “because [blank] matters”. Phrases such as “support by your side”, “my experience”, and “holistic care” have filled in the blank.  All of these phrases tie to our mission and philosophy of care.  Our mission is really a promise to you: our community.  Our Promise is to provide compassionate care and quality of life to all those in need.  A simple statement that has a wealth of meaning and guides the work we do in serving the community.

To understand why we do what we do, it is important to share a little insight into our founders.  On her own end-of-life journey in 2004, Sharon Richardson and her husband, the late Joe Richardson II, learned from her doctor that the Sheboygan area had a need for an inpatient hospice center.  The seed of inspiration was planted, and it became their desire to build an inpatient hospice center that would provide a beautiful environment for those in their final days.  Following Sharon’s passing, Joe set out to fulfill the promise he made to Sharon.  Through a labor of love and many generous hearts, the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice opened its doors in 2007 to serve the public.

Today the Promise serves individuals and families in six counties and wherever they call home.  From the comfort of their own home, within a senior living community or for those with enhanced needs, the Inpatient Center.


Purpose: Our mission is to ensure all who are in need of care receive it in the most dignified and compassionate manner.  Recognizing we care for the whole person – mind, body and spirit. 

Respect: Respect for each other and the individual gifts each of us contributes to the organization.  Knowing that our collective gifts impact the health and vibrancy of our organization.

Outstanding Outcomes: Our commitment to ensuring that all disciplines implement strategic initiatives and strive for outcomes that promote quality of care, financial sustainability and philanthropic support.

Mindful Collaboration: Collaboration across the organization which keeps mission and teamwork first.

Integrity: Upholding our mission and values to each other, our patients, families and the community.

Sustainability: Through stewardship of financial resources and strategic vision, the hospice will serve future generations.

Exceptional Experience: Providing the best care – every patient, every person, every time.

At SSRCH, we are always looking to extend our compassionate care and expertise through the use of the Promis principals. We want to be your choice for hospice whenever you and your loved one’s need our services. And we earn that choice by being a valuable member of the community. We look forward to many more years of serving you.