Because Comfort at Home Matters. Especially Now.

November 2020

The past nine months we have all spent a great deal of time at home as our community responds to COVID-19. For many, home has become a workspace, classroom or has been remodeled or reorganized to find a place of solace and comfort. However, while our homes have become more as we carry out our lives, home is also familiar and a place we may feel at our most comfortable.

That feeling of familiarity and being comfortable is at the heart of caring for individuals and families that have chosen hospice care. Care is truly provided wherever a person calls home in whatever that home setting may be – private residence, nursing home or an assisted living community.

To those facing end of life, home is their place of comfort to spend their final days. Many families have shared that it meant everything to them to have their loved one spend their end-of-life journey in their home surrounded by love, joy, memories, heartfelt tears and the support of the Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice team of caregivers.

If you are interested in learning more about our team of caregivers providing comfort care wherever you call home, please call us today or learn more at We are here to serve you and your family.