The Beautiful Side of Hospice: Reflecting on Joy in the Journey

June 2022

There is undeniably great emotion surrounding the death and dying journey, both for the individual and those that love them. It provokes sadness, a deep sense of loss, and tears. Yet, amidst all the negative and overwhelming emotions circling the journey, joy is also present.

For some, joy may seem fleeting. To others, it may be present through laughter, tears, sharing memories, and enjoying a quality of life while on the journey. As with each individual, the journey will be unique, and joy may present itself in different ways.

Our care team often experiences the same emotions as those in our care. We are people taking care of people, which means we walk with you. So I am humbled to share a few joyful moments as shared by our care team:

  • A man in our inpatient center nears his final days and leaves this world with soft music playing, a warm breeze blowing in through the patio door, and birds singing. He is at peace.
  • Surrounded by those who love her, a woman celebrates her birthday with a grand celebration. A joyful memory that will be with family and friends as they grieve.
  • A woman receives weekly visits by our hospice nurse and chaplain, who always engage in a competitive hand of cards with her! The visits mean so much to her. She shares, “It helps me to forget about the hard stuff in life for a while.”

In all these experiences, the feeling of joy is as individual as the care hospice provides. Hospice is not a place; it’s an experience. Hospice is about quality of life and experiencing moments of joy. Please call us today to learn more about how Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice may support you and those you love with a quality of life and moments of joy.

Writer: Charmaine M. Conrad, Director of Development and Communications