Choosing Hospice Care with Your Head and Your Heart

March 2022

You or your loved one has just been given a life-limiting diagnosis. You know all about hospice care and know that people on hospice care typically have a prognosis of six months or less. The decision of where to receive care, however, is now yours to make. And this is not an easy decision regardless if it is for yourself or a loved one.

In your head you know the life expectancy of you or your loved one is six months or less. You know that this is the beginning of the journey to the end of a precious life. You know that there are no more drugs or treatments that will extend the time. You know that you or your loved one does not want to be kept alive on life support. You know that you want you or your loved one to be supported and comfortable until death. You know that as time goes on you will need more help with basic things that you never thought you would need help with. You know that hospice care can help with this. In your head, you know that choosing hospice care early is going to help you get to know and trust these people who you are allowing into your life to guide and support you or your loved one through death and beyond. In your head the option to choose hospice is an easy choice.

Your heart, however, does not want to let go, does not want to accept when that doctor tells you six months or less. Your heart does not want to say goodbye, see you later, until we meet again. Your heart is aching for this to all be a bad dream. Your heart does not want to surrender to the fact that you or your loved one is going to die.

You decide to go with where your head is leading you, knowing that choosing hospice is going to give you the support that you need. Your heart still aches but feels the comfort in having a team of caregivers there for you. Your heart still aches but finds comfort in knowing that you or your loved one will be comfortable through the end of life. Your heart still aches but realizes that you and the people close to you need the support of a wonderful team of caregivers. When you are ready, reach out to Sharon S. Richard Community Hospice to plan your end of life care.