Because Compassionate Care Matters – Niles and Harriet Perronne Story

By: Charmaine Conrad
Monday, July 13, 2020

In hospice, we talk a lot about compassionate care and how it is important to not only the patient but their family as well.  Compassionate care is really best explained by the individual and family receiving the care.  In the words of John Perronne, “they [SSRCH] do the best for their patients. It’s not only medical support, but the simple gestures of care and concern.”

In a recent conversation, John shared his experience with me as SSRCH was at the time providing hospice care for his parents, Niles and Harriet Perronne.

In April 2020, Niles Perronne was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer.  He did not want to pursue treatment and hospice care was recommended.  Through John’s involvement in stewardship projects his employer, Kohler Co., had done at the hospice and of others he knew had received care, he chose SSRCH for his Dad.

Shortly thereafter, the Perronne’s made a transition from their home to their new home at Terrace Place in Sheboygan, WI.  During that transition, Harriet saw the level of care her husband was receiving by SSRCH, and with her own health difficulties of congestive heart disease and lung damage, she asked for a hospice evaluation.  Harriet met the hospice eligibility criteria and began receiving SSRCH hospice care.  Our team provided compassionate care for Niles and Harriet during the time they resided at Terrace Place.  John shared, “his parents felt they were getting the best care possible.”

For John and his family, compassionate care also meant meaningful interactions with our team of caregivers.  “SSRCH receives a 5-star rating from me. I’ve managed a lot of people in my career and have always been a big believer in communication and being a team player. Our nurse, Karena, and social worker, Nicole, have been exceptional in communication with our family and the attention to detail was so appreciated,” John stated.

The story of Niles and Harriet Perronne spanned 72 years.  As their health began to decline, their end of life journey brought them to the hospice’s Inpatient Center.  In true love story fashion, Niles and Harriet took their final breath within minutes of each other on Sunday, June 21, 2020, passing into everlasting life together.

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