RN Case Manager Sheboygan area – 40 hours a week

Sheboygan Falls, WI


Provides services and skilled nursing care to patients in accordance with the State Nurse Practice Act, Hospice policies, and accepted professional standards of practice.


  1. Knowledge and application of policies and protocols of SSRCH.
  2. Practices infection control techniques.
  3. Within the scope of practice, prioritizes daily work, makes adjustments taking into account the needs of the patients, physicians and others in the organization.
  4. Organizes and maintains safe patient care and work areas.
  5. Documents patient care on a timely basis according to policy.
  6. Responds to emergency situations.
  7. 200% Accountability for all Personal Behaviors Exhibited
  8. 100% accountability for self-professional behavior
  9. 100% accountability for addressing professional behaviors of others.


  1. Develops and supervises the planning, coordination, and delivery of patient/family care.
  2. Provides for direct and indirect nursing care to patient/family care.
  3. Implements physician orders and maintains communication with primary care physician.
  4. Teaches family members signs and symptoms of dying and grieving process.
  5. Maintains communication with Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) members through participation in IDT meetings.
  6. Acts as liaison to community resources to meet patient/family needs. Refers when appropriate.
  7. Uses tools of observation, interviewing, data history, and physical observation and assessment for initial assessment.
  8. Interprets changes in behavior, psychological and physiological status of patient for initial and ongoing assessment of needs.
  9. Develops nursing diagnosis and care plans individualized for each specific patient and modifies care plan based on ongoing assessment of patient condition.
  10. Gives or directs total care for all patients including personal hygiene, comfort measures, nourishment, and provides physical and psychological support to the patient and family.
  11. Documents medication given, care given, patient condition, assessment, and patient diagnosis within the patient chart.


  1. Coordinates care provided by the IDT for an assigned group of patients residing in the community.
  2. Evaluates patient outcomes related to self-medication and self-treatment, and modifies care plan.
  3. Anticipates needs of patient and family. Educates and plans accordingly.
  4. Contacts patient or family to set up schedule for home visits.
  5. Teaches family members’ patient care skills, meds, treatments, use of equipment and informs them of signs and symptoms of dying and grieving process.
  6. Assigns another case manager to cover for case load when taking PTO or extended leave of absence.